A Chosen Few

A Chosen Few looks at the history and Impact of the ILOI through a series of lectures and papers.

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Orange Independent Twelfth Edition 2019

The Twelfth edition of the Orange Independent 2019

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The Orange Independent Twelfth edition 2018

The Orange Independent Twelfth edition 2018

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A History of Orangeism

A history of orangeism written but Robert Lindsay Crawford first Grand Master of the ILOI, historian, and journalist

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Coronna Guidance: Lodge Meetings and Social Events

Covid Update from the Imperial Grand Master, offering advice and guidance to lodges in line with Government Advice

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Research Day at the Museum

The ILOI are tracing their roots and spent a day exploring the archives and artefacts held in the Museum of Orange Heritage

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Skys the Limit for Grand Master’s Charity

ILOI charity visited AANI headquarters at the Maze Lisburn to present the cheque, the culmination of all the various efforts to raise money during 2019.

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Grand Master’s Charity Appeal Helps the Air Ambulance

The Grand Master’s Charity supports the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance as its focus for this years charity fundraising.

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Belfast Taskforce Report 2019

Taskforce Report looking at Good relations and wider strategic development for the ILOI

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Belfast Centenary Parade

As the Decade of Centenaries draws to a close The Independent Orange Institution travelled to Belfast to commemorate the end of the Great War, and returned to their roots in East…

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