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Our new Online Museum, will help you understand more about our rich heritage and vibrant culture through virtual galleries and online exhibitions

Bringing History to Life

As an Institution we celebrate the historic events on the Glorious Revolution and the Williamite Wars which formed past of a wider European and indeed international conflict which shaped the course of world history.

Putting the Past in Perspective

The past is important to us, but we wish to learn from it and remember it not become a prisoner to it. We believe that we are called to give thanks to God for deliverances and victories of the past, we are also convinced that it can act as a guide helping us not to repeat its mistakes, and finally we understand that it forms part of our national identity, our heritage.

The Future of Orange History

Looking to the past should not blind us to the future, and in how we study and present history as well as how we celebrate and commemorate the past we wish to use exciting innovative techniques and technology, which will not only educate and engage audiences but inspire us all.

Vision and Passion about the Past

Education and Commemoration

Many claim that the past divides us, however it is our belief that it is not the past but how it is taught, or indeed ignored in schools which leads to divisions. Indeed the very nature of our schools system allows denominational schools to misinterpret and add bias to the teaching of history. Our aim is to offer explanation of the past, not apology for it, and to ensure that it is never rewritten to suit the political agenda of those who fear the truth of it.

We see education, commemoration and celebration combining in a range of modern authentic resources which will address the present imbalance and ensure that a strong proud but tolerant identity is build on the truth of the past.

Watch Our tribute to the Sacrifice of the Somme 1916

The Clash of Kings

The Battle of the Boyne 1690 

The Battle that shaped the future of Ireland, Britain, Europe and the World

The clash of three kings shook history to its foundations and we are still all living with the results and benefitting from the consequences. It saw the final success of the Glorious Revolution which defined parliamentary democracy, and provided the foundations for the growth of Britain as a world power.

Find out what happened on that fateful July day in 1690 as vast European armies met on the banks of an Irish river to decide the fate of three kingdoms. Follow in the footsteps of King William’s armies and find out why local men faced death that date. Finally we will look at the lasting legacy of the battle and why to this day it is celebrated across the world.

It is one of the most famous battles in European history and is commemorated in art, music and folklore throughout the English speaking world.

Explore the Exciting Story of Bygone Days of Yore 

Discover Independent Orange Heritage at our Online Museum

Access to Artifacts

The story of our past is often best told through the objects of the period, from the swords welded at the Battle of the Boyne to the literature and art produced to commemorate it, Orange Heritage comes alive through the artefacts that relate to it. Here for the first time we give you access to thousands of items held in hundreds of museums and private collections across the world which tell the story of our past.

Notice of Queen’s Accession

Official notice of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II.

Engraving of the Protestant Grind-Stone 1690

Engraving of the Protestant Grind-Stone 1690

Print of Revolution House in Old Whittington

Print of Revolution House in Old Whittington

William & Mary Coronation Medallion

William and Mary Coronation Historical Medallion

Programme for the State Opening of Parliament

Official programme for the State Opening of the Northern Ireland Parliament.

Film Footage of the State Opening

Archive film footage of the State Opening of the Northern Ireland Parliament.

Bringing the Past To Life

The aim of our Online Orange Museum and Interpretive Centre is to Protect and Promote Orange Heritage.

We aim to improve understanding and appreciation of the role of relevance of the Independent Orange Order in particular and the wider context and contribution of Orangeism to our national story.

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Since civilisations began man has sought to write and record his knowledge making it available to others for learning and improvement.

We are just adding what we have learnt and produced to that accumulative knowledge.

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