An International Protestant Fraternity

The Independent Orange Institution was founded in 1903 in what was described as the ‘Reformation Refought’. Like the Protestant Reformation it sought to change what it saw as errors and challenge the direction of the Orange Order. Its founders wanted Protestantism put above Party Politics, and it wanted a return to a democratic, representative organisation which would be active in the defense of faith and freedom. Today we celebrate over a century of authentic Orangeism and have a clear vision for the future.

The Independent Loyal Orange Institution is energised by, and confidently expresses and promotes, the Reformed Faith and Heritage, through our Orange Fraternity.

Recognising the diversity of modern society, and maintaining our Independence from outside influence, we  deny    to no-one the rights we expect for ourselves.

​Welcome to our website and we hope that it will give you an insight into Why there is an ‘I’ in our name. While we defend the same religious, constitutional and historical principles as many of the other Loyal Orders we like to do things differently. If you share our vision and values we would love to hear from you and welcome you to join with us as we put our faith into action.

Biblical Protestantism

We are a faith based organisation, which seeks to protect and promote the Protestant Reformed faith. Our parades and public events are expression of our faith.

Constitutional Unionism

We commemorate the Glorious Revolution 1688 as the foundation of our modern democratic British Constitution, and the civil and religious freedom we all enjoy.

Cultural Heritage

Orangeism has developed a distinct unique cultural heritage which is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe which has shaped lives and communities.

The Orange Independent Headlines

The Order has maintained the oldest continuous Orange Newspaper in the world - The Orange Independent, which carries stories not only about lodge life, but historic articles and educational pieces as well as current affairs and commentary on constitutional issues. Read the headlines here first as they break online.

Positive Protestantism

The Independent Loyal Orange Institution is a “religious and loyal brotherhood” dedicated to the promotion and defence of the Protestant religion. We are not, and never have been allied to any political party. Constitutionally we express a unionist view, but that unionism is dependent upon the British Throne and Constitution “being Protestant”.

We unapologetically declare our unchanging attachment to the Historic Evangelical Protestant Faith. We stand with the Reformers in declaring the Bible alone, Grace alone, Faith alone and Christ alone as the tenets of our faith. Consequently we reject Romanism, Ritualism, Sacramentalism, Unitarianism and Ecumenism. Ecumenical contact with the Church of Rome is contrary to the Word of God, subversive to the Gospel of Free Grace and detrimental to the well being of the state.

The membership of the Institution is drawn from a wide range of Protestant denominations and is conditional on a profession of Protestantism.

The parades in connection with our Institution are themselves an expression, a public witness, of our religion. Without exception they are to a religious service, either in church or in the open air.

Our banners, flags, regalia, and often band uniforms and equipment have been dedicated, by Ministers of Religion, to the Glory of God.

Political Independance

“The Institution is constitutionally Unionist. We bear allegiance to the rightful Sovereign of the United Kingdom, the Laws of the Realm, the Legislative Union and the succession to the Throne in the House of Windsor, it being Protestant.

Additionally we are pledged to support the magistrates and the civil authorities in the lawful execution of their duties.

Our Unionism is a consequence of our Protestantism. From Protestantism the United Kingdom has gained Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, Freedom of Speech and Civil and Religious liberty.

We celebrate the Glorious Revolution of 1688 as the basis of our modern British Constitution. It set our nation on the course for greatness and today we still enjoy its benefits. These principles are enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement. These we will maintain.

We are not linked to any political party but as a Protestant fraternity we support policies which will enhance the union and maintain our right to practice our religion freely.”

Pride in Our Culture and Heritage

Orangeism is a distinct and unique cultural identity, its rich heritage defines many lives and communities not only in Northern Ireland but across the globe. It offers fraternal support and friendship to hundreds of thousands on men and women and wider benefit to society.

The Order is involved in education and training with many young people introduced to music, art and heritage through its work. Its Orange Halls are at the heart of the community providing a programme of events and a range of services to thousands.

Independent Orangeism has a strong evangelical, and powerful democratic ethos looking to the Protestant martyrs and the powerful Scottish Covenanter tradition for inspiration. It shares the common features of Orangeism and adds its own unique ethos and that Independent spirit.

With a rich musical and artistic tradition showcased in our annual parades, and a programme of events and activities for all ages and interest groups.

Online News

The Orange Independent

From 1903 the ILOI have keep their members and supporters as well as the wider community up to date with news and views primarily through their newspaper ‘The Orange Independent”. Today it is published in traditional print and online. You can read it right here or download it and back issues from our Library.

Download the Latest Edition of 'The Orange Independent'Back issues of 'The Orange Independent'

The Clash of Kings

The Battle of the Boyne 1690 

The Battle that shaped the future of Ireland, Britain, Europe and the World

The clash of three kings shook history to its foundations and we are still all living with the results and benefitting from the consequences. It saw the final success of the Glorious Revolution which defined parliamentary democracy, and provided the foundations for the growth of Britain as a world power.

Find out what happened on that fateful July day in 1690 as vast European armies met on the banks of an Irish river to decide the fate of three kingdoms. Follow in the footsteps of King William’s armies and find out why local men faced death that date. Finally we will look at the lasting legacy of the battle and why to this day it is celebrated across the world.

It is one of the most famous battles in European history and is commemorated in art, music and folklore throughout the English speaking world.

Explore the Exciting Story of Bygone Days of Yore 

Discover Independent Orange Heritage at our Online Museum

Up Coming Events and Activities

We welcome all members of the Loyal Orders, and bands to join us on parade, and we invite everyone to or range of events activities and services.

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Faith in Action

Follow the work of our Religious Affairs Committee as the Order continues to contend for the faith, and witness to those timeless truths of Scripture.  Today as we see the Religious Liberty which was won for us at such great cost under attack and our values questioned join us as we present a positive Protestant message to the world around us.