As an Institution we have noted and raised with the relevant bodies the lack of funding equality when it comes to Independent Orange projects. While we pay tribute to the Councils and funders who have supported us over the years we note that a clear pattern of discrimination has been been seen. This is evidenced in relation to the sums given to organisations like the GAA in comparison to the wider Protestant and Unionist community, but we have also seen other Loyal Orders succeed when similar projects were not funded when submitted but the ILOI. We have worked hard with professionals and consultants to develop the quality and strategic foundation for many of the projects we now submit and while we appreciate it is always a competitive process we are taking stock of just what we apply for and why it is turned down.

Many within our ranks are sceptical of the funding process and when we have encouraged members to engage the results have been far from encouraging. Therefore as we look to apply to a number of funders for an exciting programme of events and activities for the Centenary of Northern Ireland we will be working with external consultants to both improve the quality and sustainability of the projects we submit but also to follow up on the outcomes in comparison to other organisations and sections of the community. The first step is to invite lodges, bands and members to attend a virtual funding forum which will provide information and guidance, with mentoring and support through the application process and beyond.

Some funds we will be looking at include:

Causeway Coast and Glens.

With many of our lodges and bands either located in this area or drawing members and beneficiaries from it we are glad to see the work CCG Council has done to mark this Centenary.

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has launched a new grant scheme for community and voluntary groups as part of its Northern Ireland centenary programme.

The year-long ‘NI 100’ initiative developed by Council aims to showcase the rich sporting, cultural, entrepreneurial and academic talent which exists across Causeway Coast and Glens.

It will also help to build a shared understanding of our collective history and express the Borough’s diverse identities and cultures.

If your group wants to explore or mark the centenary, and you have an idea which could enrich our programme, then we want to hear from you.

The Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Alderman Mark Fielding said: “Through this grant programme we want our  community groups, heritage groups, sports clubs and the wider voluntary sector to get involved in our Northern Ireland Centenary programme.

“We want to encourage broad participation in the initiative which will reflect the interests of our local communities, who are central to our Borough. Whether it’s an historic talk or an arts project, please get creative and get involved. Together we can showcase the very best of Causeway Coast and Glens.”

Organisations can apply for up to 100% of costs for projects such as arts and heritage, historic talks, seminars or study visits to historic places of relevance to the centenary among others.

Single groups can apply for a grant of up to £1500 while two organisations working together can apply for a total of up to £3500.

Grants of up to £5000 are available for three or more organisations working together.

The Grant Programme is now open and applications should be submitted online before 12 noon on Wednesday 5th May 2021 via the Online Funding Hub



Mid and East Antrim

Centenary of Northern Ireland

In order to ensure groups are not penalised in their normal two grant applications, Council permits an additional application only for the purpose of organising events to celebrate the Centenary of Northern Ireland.  Applications should be submitted through the Small Event Category (75% funding up to a maximum of £1,000) for events with up to 500 people in attendance (participants and attendees combined) taking place during 2021. Select ‘Funding for Events – Small Events’ in the hub.

N.B. Funding for the event will be reduced on a pro-rata basis if profit** exceeds £200.

For events with more than 500 but less than 2,000 people in attendance (participants and attendees combined) taking place during 2021, applications should be submitted through the Medium Event Category (50% funding up to a maximum of £2,500)