Understanding the origins and Objectives of Independent Orangeism

The Independent Loyal Orange Institution was founded in 1903 as a Reformation of Orangeism.

To our founders it was the ‘Reformation Re-fought’ and a return to Biblical and democratic principles with power restored to the rank and file, and an end to the Orange Order being used by politicians for their own ends.

A century later all of those radical demands have been secured and we now see Orangeism the better for it, governed by men of principle rather than those seeking political advancement or personal gain; more democratic and focused on the promotion of faith and the celebration of culture. We are pleased to have played a part in these reforms, as they have been as much a challenge to ourselves as to others. The Centenary of the ILOI in 2003 saw us revisiting our Vision for Orangeism and looking at how best to achieve it in the future. 

Like many other organisations we have been faced with change, as faith is no longer central to society, our rural heartlands are unrecognisable, and technology has transformed people’s expectations. Therefore as we look forward to the future we learn from the past, and build upon the foundations laid by our founding fathers, who embraced change and espoused radical ideas and modern technology. 

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We hope that as you explore our website it will help you discover more about us, and why our members are so proud of this organisation and what motivates men and women to join.


As a movement which prides itself in democracy and the place of open debate we value your questions and comments. We are aware that many misunderstand, and some misrepresent what we stand for so we hope to set the record straight.


Through our education work and better communications we hope that we will all develop better understanding and better relations based on honesty and integrity leaning to value the contribution Orangeism makes to society.

Our Vision

The Independent Loyal Orange Institution is energised by, and confidently expresses and promotes, the Reformed Faith and Heritage, through our Orange Fraternity.

Recognising the diversity of modern society, and maintaining our Independence from outside influence, we deny to no-one the rights we expect for ourselves.

Promoting the Reformed Faith

Our Mission is

To actively demonstrate to all through education and example our sincere belief in the:

  • Centrality and truth of the Reformed Faith,

Putting Faith into Action

We believe in Measures, not Men meaning we value action above numbers and deeds above words. From practical witness like preaching the gospel to helping those around us we aim to live the faith we hold dear.

Our Vibrant Culture and Heritage

Orangeism is a distinct culture and has a rich heritage which has shaped the world around us. As we communicate the story of Orangeism, commemorate vital events in our national history and celebrate the important legacy we aim to demonstrate the vitality and relevance of our heritage and culture,


Parades are the most obvious display of Orange Culture, as cities town and villages comes alive to the sound and spectacle of the annual parades or marches. The accompanying bands have become part of the pageantry as their skill and the sight of uniforms and instruments makes the day.


Another of the sights synonymous with Orangeism are the banners and flags, carried with pride these mobile works or art have been specially commissioned and convey a range of messages from the history of the lodge, or a key event from the past through to local people who have left their mark on history.

Defending Liberty

What in the Glorious Revolution was termed Civil and Religious Liberty is known today as Human Rights. The Orange Order has always been a Human Rights Organisation dedicated to the memory of the Man and Monarch who did most to preserve and promote the Rights which became enshrined in our Constitution. Today we continue to defend these rights as they come under ever more sustained attack.


The British Constitution we all benefit from with its democratic government, rule of law and fundamental freedoms represents the best guarantee of our rights and as a result we continue to support it.


The Union lies at the heart of our Constitution and while we remain above party politics our support for the Union and those who advocate it politically is central to what defines us. That like our loyalty to the Crown is conditional on both remaining in the interests of Protestantism our key defining feature.

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Introducing the Independents

In a short Brochure we explain just what it means to be an Independent Orangeman, and what is the Order’s Role and relevancy Today

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Your Questions Answered

What we Believe and Stand For

In short Orangeism stands for Protestantism and many of our beliefs and principles are those of Biblical Protestantism. To help new members or indeed anyone with an interest in the Independent Orange Order the Institution in England produced a summary of what we believe in a question and answer format. This was a teaching aid popularised by Martin Luther and has been a feature of Protestant practice ever since. Our Protestant and Orange Catechism outlines where we stand on faith and is referenced from the Bible. It is also a great introduction to history and the background to Orangeism.

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