Celebrating 120 Years

Plan to join us as we reach the culmination of our 120th Anniversary Celebrations.

Orange Victims Day 2023

September 2023 the sixth annual Orange Victims’ Day attended by Wor Bros Storey and McIntyre in Dungannon

Twelfth in Rasharkin

Twelfth 2023 was hosted by Rasharkin District with a range of events in the run up

McNeillstown Opening

Parade and Dedication of the newly reopened McNeillstown Independent Orange Hall

Reopening McNeillstown Orange Hall

Looking forward to the reopening of McNeillstown Independent Orange Hall

Bringing Burns Hame Again

Join the ILOI for their Annual Burns Night Celebrations as we go Virtual and Go Viral

A Final Farewell

The late great Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral was watched my a grateful nation.