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Virtual Burns Night 2023

Your guide to creating the perfect Burns Night celebration at home, including Burns Supper running order, and food ideas…

Burns Night is an annual event celebrating the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns and is celebrated across Scotland and in Scottish communities around the world on 25 January, the day that Burns was born.

A Burns Night celebration can have many different elements and each community has its own traditions - this guide will help you to plan a traditional Burns Night, to which you can add your own touches.

Running order of a Burns Night supper
Piping in the guests - to bapgipe or traditional music
Reciting of the Selkirk Grace (see below)
Piping in the haggis - guests stand to welcome the haggis to the table!
Toast to the haggis - honouring the most important ingredient of the meal
Burns Night meal (see below)
The 'immortal memory' - an account of the life of Robbie Burns, followed by Burns's songs and poems
Toast to the lassies - a traditional thank you to the women involved in the preparations (and a lighthearted homage to Burns's love of women)
Finale with Auld Lang Syne
A Burns Supper can be as formal or as informal as suits the occasion and guests are traditionally invited to take their turn in reciting Burns poems or songs during the evening.

Join us At Hame

While we couldn't be together in person this year for our traditional Burn Night events, many lodges and members will be enjoying the evening at hame. So here's a few pictures from our event last year which provided the Best of Burns at Hame