1689 William and Mary Coronation Historical Medallion by R Arondeaux


On 11th April 1689 the first and only joint monarchs, William and Mary were crowned at Westminster Abbey. Mary ruled for 5 years before dying of Small Pox, and William continued to rule until his death in 1702. They were instrumental in returning the country to the protestant faith and cementing parliamentary democracy.

Obverse Description

Busts of William and Mary facing each other with symbolic references surrounding them, the orange and the rose for the King and the Queen, the four septres for the kingdom, the laws of England, and the Bible, to symbolise stability.

Reverse Description

A fallen oak tree, with a flourishing orange tree nearby, representing King James as the Oak and King William as the Orange tree


Diameter: 64 mm

Material: Silver

Condition: EF

Reference: Me/1/22

Accession Number



Private Collection


Private Collection