‘Seeing eye to eye’ is something we haven’t always been good at in Northern Ireland. The phrase is one of those great idioms which William Tyndall and translators of the King James Version of the Bible gifted to the English language. The prophet Isaiah is talking of a utopian time of God’s return and one of the  results is that people see each other’s perspective, and begin to accommodate and even agree with each other. It speaks of being at the same level, being equal and able to see. 

It is what we hope our Heritage Tours will achieve, giving people an opportunity to see the who, where and why of Independent Orangeism, the smallest newest and least understood of the Loyal Orders. We would like people to see events from the perspective of those men and women who founded and developed this radical, democratic movement. While we don’t expect everyone to agree with us we hope that getting an eye on the Independents will start conversations and begin relationships which will increase understanding, tolerance and accommodation. 

The heritage trail will literally let you walk, or march in the footsteps of our forefathers and to meet and better understand our founders. We hope that by the end you will understand ‘Why the I”. So why not join us for a taster tour of Belfast from the comfort of your own home as we retrace the steps of the Independent Orange Order in Belfast. Take the tour, or down load the Tour Guide Book and learn more.