It has been a momentous decade, as we have marked the events of 100 years ago which led to the creation of our state. We have followed, at times literally walking, in the footsteps of our forefathers from the Home Rule Crisis, through the dark days of the Great War and the road to the Somme. Then in our own times of political and constitutional upheaval around Brexit we have more recently marked the centenary of the birth of Northern Ireland.

It has been an amazing journey for the Institution as it worked alongside the other Loyal Orders, Bands community and others under the banner of the Unionist Centenary Committee to organise a series of spectacular events to mark each step on that monumental journey. Our history is a powerful thing and the work done has reconnected a new generation with their heritage. We have learnt many lessons from the past and the entire process has given our communities greater confidence and has energised it. The parades which we helped to organise through the Unionist Centenary Committee were some of the largest ever seen in Ulster and were a fitting tribute to the men and women of 1912.

The Decade of centenaries has been a real high point for the Institution and brought us together with lodges from England and Scotland travelling over for the parade.