Valuable Evaluations

Many organisations are too busy doing great work to have the time to properly evaluate and take stock of what they are doing and achieving.

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Do You see the Value of a Good Evaluation?

The aim of an evaluation is to help others get to know what you are doing, as well as building our own knowledge about what has worked well and what can be improved.

Many great projects and services are never properly valued because they do not take the time to evaluate their progress and what they produce. 

Many project promoters see evaluations as a funder imposed audit, used to check up on them and catch them out. They are often viewed with fear and resentment and left right to the end like final exams.

At LEXXER Solutions we see evaluations in a very different way, they are not a test and a threat but an opportunity to tell your story and to communicate the truth of what you have achieved.

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Evaluations will help to explain to funders just what they have got for their investment.


A good evaluation will highlight the hard work your board, staff and volunteers have put in and give them credit.


AN evaluation will help you tell the story of your project, what it achieved and the change it has delivered.

Consultancy Services

Guaranteeing Value for Money Evaluations

To ensure repeat funding, or to develop a project or develop a case for support from the public the ongoing good work of groups needs to be valued. Evaluations allow groups to outline what they have done, and how it meets objectives and produces 

positive outcomes. The real impact of the work needs more than simple statistical analysis for hard facts and figures often do not convey the softer, but equally important changes they project has made. Our blend of quantitative and qualitative methods allow you to best convey the real success story behind your work.

How We Help

Using Knowledge to Give You the Advantage through

Strategic Planning

Our Consultants will sit down with you and help you plan to lead and succeed. We will advise and support you


Our range of training courses for community and voluntary sector groups will give you and your staff and volunteers the skills to suceed


Our project management services will provide the leadership and skills you need to ensure the success of your project.

Instilling Best Practice

Our Evaluations give an external impartial opinion on your project or organisation with constructive considered analysis which helps to show what you have achieved.