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The everyday problems of distance, time and cost which often limits attendance at events have been compounded by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The events sector has been decimated and the impact on the global economy is incalculable. Remote working and online solutions are needed to reconnect people.

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How can you replace real time events with digital offerings?

LEXXER Solutions have been championing digital working for almost a decade. Our Knowmad ethos has allowed us to work where ever. For the first time due to the Pandemic Restrictions introduced in 2020 many of you will be turning to online solutions for remote working. However while off the shelf solutions can suffice for team working there remains a real issue with large business events.

The Problem we were presented with was the Crisis and Potential Collapse of the The UK Event Industry

Could a solution to the present Government Restrictions be found which made realtime events impossible?

A recent brief we received entailed studying the UK Event’s Sector to present a case for Government support and to provide a solution to the impending collapse as exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and other events are forced to cancel in the wake of recent Government restrictions. Exhibitions and events are a key component in international trade and business. They are the place where business is done, where new ideas are demonstrated and orders placed.

Our research looked at the size of the sector, and its impact on the UK economy. They remit was specifically exhibitions and trade shows which have been hardest hit. The knowledge herniated would be used to make a case for support and a rescue plan to Government and also a solution to address the problem.

We identified the recent Innovate UK Competition as a good starting point and have been working with a number of local businesses to draw down funding to support their crucial Covid-19 solutions. Innovate UK as part of UK Research and Innovation, is set to invest  invest up to £20 million in innovation projects aimed at easing global disruption.

Through their competition, they aim to support UK businesses to focus on emerging or increasing needs of society and industries during and following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our task as knowledge brokers was not just to find the potential funding support but then to assist in the research project development and build a case to submit in what will be a very competitive process. The application had to demonstrate both realistic and significant benefits for an industry that has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Building the Case

When we talk about advocacy we often think of a court room, however much of our advocacy work involved helping clients build a case for funding, or policy change or in advancement of their charity or cause. That case must be based on the right balance of fact, reasoning, and persuasion. Many clients feel passionate about what they do, they are excited about their latest idea, or focused on their solution to a problem. We love that passion and pride but our job is to examine it, to see if the facts support it and to take a wider view. Then together we build a case to present to politicians, policy makers or funders, trying to persuade them that our ideas will work.

In this case with a government focused on front end medical services, the research community focussed on finding a vaccine it can be difficult to draw attention to other seemingly less pressing problems. The events sector is often pigeon holed as entertainment, so the first task is to state the case in terms of the real economic impact of the sector.

We turned to our events partner Eventbrite whose mix of event management and online services give them a particularly good view of the wider events sector. They provided easy to navigate statistics and interesting infographics which show just how valuable this sector is in terms of the economy and our social economy.

This gives a clear idea of the scale of the sector and the economic impact of its closure. Our focus is the exhibition sector and in particular trade shows. Here our research and stakeholder mapping services located those in the know.

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Research at Work

The first step in any problem solving exercise is to understand the nature of the problem. Our Knowledge services put research at the centre.

UK Events Sector

Reports by Business Visits & Events Partnership on the size and value of Britain’s events industry, its trends, opportunities and key issues

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Fresh International Research

PCMA are the world’s largest, and most recognized network of business events strategists. Their commissioned research paper looks to the future

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Key Stakeholder Insights

Research commissioned by Association of Event Organisers conducted by Oxford Economies calculates the Economic Impact in 2018 as £11.0 billion of output.

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EXHIBIT - From Sound Research and Stakeholder Analysis we Broker Knowledge from Digital Experts to Develop a Technology Based Solution

LEXXER Solutions conducted in depth research in order to build a case for Government support into the Problem. This funding and support will form the resource base needed to develop the bespoke solution we have scoped and entitled EXHIBIT.

How We Help

Using Knowledge to Give You the Advantage through


Sound Research and Stakeholder Insights which will form the basis of informed reasoning and decision making


Based on our research we will build a case and advocate for a client to those whose opinions count


Knowledge brokerage involves build a team with different skills sets to solve a problem.

Knowledge Gives Advantage

The first step is always sound research, to look at what knowledge exists and who is in the know. We bring the best insights and information to the table.

Our EXHIBIT Solution is already under development with our digital partners The Flex Studio