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Many charities and cause based groups all seek change, but with limited resources and short windows of opportunity help to

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Advocacy Services

How can you represent your organisation or cause and effect real change

Government has increasingly used consultations to gather responses to policy and legislation . In 2019 the UK government and the devolved administrations launched 725 consultations. The Stormont administration ran 139 individual consultations. The vast majority  were functional consultations on road closures and secondary legislation, with the primary subject matter being environmental affairs.

However others touched emotive issues which engaged large sections of the community.

Helping Your RespondHelping You Consult with Stakeholders


Poor Governance can mean that your organization misses out on funding, or is at risk of mismanaging finances


Poor Governance training can leave your Board at risk and will often mean that new people are reluctant to get involved.


A lack of leadership or the proper management skills or practices will lead to the collapse of projects and inhibit ongoing work.

Knowledge Brokerage - Public Affairs

Our Experience in Public Affairs has taught us a Thing or Two about how Governments work ... or don’t work.

LEXXER Solutions have developed a new programme to help groups and organisations respond to the often complicated and confusing range of consultations and calls for responses to government policies and new legislation. With the increased levels of community consultation and planning, as well as funders requirements to see projects supported with surveys and community actions plans groups can often be swamped with consultations and community planning exercises.

How We Help

Using Knowledge to Give You the Advantage through

Strategic Planning

Our service will take the burden off organisations and allow them to develop well researched and reasoned responses to a range of consultations. It will add weight and wisdom to the authentic voices of members and others.


The legal and public affairs expertise of our team will allow you to amplify your voice and to ensure that it is heard by those who make the decisions.


Our project management services will provide the leadership and skills you need to ensure the success of your project.

Instilling Best Practice

Our Training and Advice is delivered to the Charity Commission Standards