Things are moving well as Mosside, with improvements and support for the community.

The Mosside brethren not only extended and renovated their hall but have installed a much needed Defibrillator for use by the entire village. This is a marvellous illustration that our halls are not only at the heart of the community, but also have a heart for their local communities. Situated in the heart of the village of Mosside the Independent Hall had worked hard alongside Grand Lodge on an application to the Department of Communities. Despite scoring well the Order was disappointing that none of their halls were funded un a capital works scheme for community halls.

Undeterred the Mosside brethren raised their own funds and began work on the hall. To there credit this self funding self build was completed in record time and has not only extended but renovated the hall. They were soon able to welcome visiting brethren to the Hall for functions and meetings.

The first Ballycastle District Lodge Meeting held in the refurbished Mosside Hall.


Working with the local community they realised the need for a Defibrillator given the distance the village is from the nearest hospital. This vital life saving equipment was provided by the lodge and band and training in its use was provided by the Institution and need this type of equipment saved the life of our PIGM Cyril Glass who suffered a heart attack whilst on parade with Killycoogan Band.