The Institution is being represented in London by Deputy Imperial Grand Master Mervyn Storey who will also be representing the Borough of Causeway Coast & Glens along with Cllr John McAuley.

  The Institution was also represented in the National period of mourning by Gregory Campbell MP. Gregory a long standing member of our Order who has probably met Her Majesty more than most in his long political career was touched by the scenes at Westminster Hall and penned the following words.
He said “I’m not a poet but the sheer depth of emotion as the public pass through Westminster Hall allowed me to put a few thoughts together.”

“They came from all parts of the Kingdom and from further afar ,
every race and age, on foot, by plane or car.

As the many thousands queued and tears they did fall,

the solemn silence grew, just the footsteps in the Hall
They came for one, whose hand they may have never shook
The vows of faith and duty so seriously she took.
A farewell to our Sovereign whose reign and race is run
Our Queen has gone to her King of Kings who framed the setting of the sun.

We are also aware of Scottish and English brethren who have been paying their own tributes to the Queen.
This reminds us all of the family of nations which makes up our United Kingdom and that most unifying of features – the Monarchy.