What is The


Orange Order

The Real Origins of Orangeism

The Protestant Reformation

The real origins of Orangeism lie in the Protestant Reformation. As God broke into human history and swept aside centuries of error and false doctrine a movement was born which revolutionised Europe. No event has had such an impact on history as it has defined the modern world.

No sooner had the light of the gospel been seen than the clouds of persecution gathered. Unable to win the argument the Church of Rome soon turned to aggression as it attempted to destroy Protestantism at birth.

Defending the Faith

Two Kingdoms

For those of us who had spent the last three years studying local history, or Irish politics it was an exciting time as history was literally being made every day. Theories on conflict resolution put to the test and often the text book torn up. For some academic life proved too attractive as study lead to teaching, for others political activism led to the big house on the hill, and others saw the newly energised community and voluntary sector as the best place to make a difference.

One Thing In Common

Sharing Knowledge

As twenties turned into thirties the explosion of social networking and digital communications kept us all in touch. Spread across the globe and in a range of sectors from education to politics and business to community activism the points of connection and contact continued.

Often at opposite sides of the debate, or even the planet we realised that the one thing we shared was sharing knowledge. That creative learning and problem solving space which had began in halls of residence and in and out of campus continued online and developed. It helped each of us learn and adapt, using knowledge and solutions from the sectors and situations of others. This analogical reasoning gave us an edge in our own work and research.

The Idea was Born - the Concept was Concieved.

It was our lightbulb moment, that flash of inspiration. Some of us were tired of the corporate life, others fancied a new challenge and we realised that what we had benefitted from for over a decade – the sharing of knowledge and its analogical application to solve problems was something quite new.

Let Us Share What Worked for Us
A New Beginning

What Exactly Were We?

For those of us who had worked as consultants, or worked with consultants we were sure we did not want to simply become another consultancy firm.

For others they wanted to be involved but not employed or engaged full time. The we solved our first problem – what exactly were we? We realised that we wanted to trade knowledge, just as others sell stocks and shares or investments so we realised we were Knowledge Brokers.

Second problem was – what did we we do? Well the brokerage was the method but the outcome was solutions. We had been involved in providing solutions all our working lives either in the form of advice, or actions like services.

A Name

Where LEXXER Solutions Came from

In our first five years of business we offered a cash prize for anyone who could work out the origin of our name. We had guesses from the arch villain in Batman to some IT connection. It guess it does sound quite futuristic, but sorry to disappoint. The origins lie in a book published almost 400 years ago.

The history geeks, politicos and theologians amongst us won the vote and  our title pays homage to one of the most influential but least known books in the world. It was written by a leading cleric, who had a God given mission to challenge authority. He was condemned to death for his troubles and his book was declared so dangerous every copy was to be handed into the authorities to be burnt.

It inspires us because of its unique mix of knowledge drawing together strands of theology, history, science, political thought and marketing to create a radical manifesto for change which far from being burnt into oblivion set the world on fire.

Final clue, its not the Bible but it does draw heavily on it.

A New Comodity

Knowledge Still Changes the World

The Origin of our Company name is the title of a political treatise published in 1644 by a leading Scottish Presbyterian cleric to challenge the concept of the Divine Right of Kings.

It attacked tyranny and absolutism, and provided a sound defence of the rule of law and first fully defined the concept of social contract upon which all parliamentary democracies are founded.

The revolutionary book started how it meant to go on with its very title deemed reasonable. Lex, Rex meaning Law and the prince was in summary a challenge to the status quo that the king was above the law. 

The foundation Rutherford developed was secularised and spread by John Locke, whose ideas lit the fire of American Revolution. Lex Rex laid the foundations for not only our Glorious Revolution and the creation of the modern British Constitution but the American Declaration of Independence.

A Heritage of Knowledge

Knowledge Is Power

The power of knowledge to drive change is clear across the globe and throughout history. We hope to harness some of that potential as we focus on the Third Sector and small business.

We have called what we do a ‘solution revolution’ where we act as guide and gate-keeper for a process of managed knowledge transfer. The aim is to help organisations fulfill their true potential and realise their vision.

Our vision is to see Northern Ireland become a leader in the knowledge economy just as it once was in ship building, linen and engineering.

The Vision Behind the Name

The Vision was the ‘Empower Through Knowledge’. Organisations, Communities and Causes are empowered through fulfilling their vision and effecting the change they seek. Our Mission was to provide organisations with what they need to realise their vision.

Strategically this meant using knowledge brokerage to provide advocacy, and consultancy services which would provide a range of solutions to problems which prevent organisations realising their vision or fulfilling their potential.

We sought to focus on the Third Sector, developing the same level of knowledge exchange and benefits between universities, businesses and practitioners as is seen in the public and private sectors. In short we made charity our business.

In the long term we would like to see Northern Ireland become a centre for the new knowledge economy, a solutions sector which would be the equal to its once proud shipbuilding industry. Our vision is for knowledge generation and utilisation to be the new shipyards of the future.

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