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We are all doing what we can and the latest project we are working on is a series of advice and guidance booklets for Charities and Third Sector Groups to help them navigate through these trying times. As circumstances and advice changes on a daily basis we are trying to provide accurate simple advice to groups many of which are working full time on  the frontline of service provision.

Knowing the Changes in the Law

The government has moved rapidly to change the way we all live and work in response to the threat. With travel restricted and remote working now the norm there have been staggering changes to the law in recent weeks. We will be on hand with a number of our legal partners to offer advice and support as charities and community and voluntary sector groups struggle to adapt.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities

As a trustee or board member these are challenging times in which to oversee work. So let us help you in the discharge of your duties. Basic legal requirements for you and your organisation remain, however in these exceptional times we must all learn to adapt and to be able to discharge our responsibilities in line with the present restrictions.

Basic things like committee meetings, votes and decision making as well as other aspects of governance will have to be moved online. We are preparing a series of easy to understand and use guides for clients to help them navigate these challenging times.

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We have prepared a series of helpful Guides to help groups respond to the present situation. The booklets will:

  • Help Trustees and Committees continue their work.
  • Ensure that they are up to date with any changes in the law
  • Allow them to focus on vital services
  • Help them adapt and even benefit from these challenges
  • Provide more robust and capable organisations