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Making the Right Recommendations

LEXXER Solutions uses a Knowledge Brokerage model which allows us to locate and recommend the best academic, expert, professional or peer to assist you. Rather than focusing on one area of consultancy we focus on the knowledge that lies behind the solutions.

Our strength is in our method of selection, with absolute integrity and discretion guaranteed. Your business information, your intellectual property and your individual rights are all protected with LEXXER.

Our recommendations will ensure that your receive the best within whatever budget you set. Since brokerage is our business, we ensure that you are matched with the best and that we take a personal approach to managing that ongoing relationship.

We promise to put you in the Know and Keep you there and this means knowing the right person to solve your problem, answer your question provide your service or manage your project.

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Strategic Steps to Realise Your Organisation’s Vision

We love to see groups of ordinary people coming together, sharing a vision for change and then getting to work achieving it. Our simple cost effective services will help you every step of the way from inception to that incredible feeling of getting there.


Our consultancy services help you get started or even to restart a failing organisation or product. We help you agree a Vision and strategy to ensure success.


Our Knowledge Brokerage Services will recommend the best person to help you manage and maintain your organisation or project on a day to day basis.



Our ongoing assessment and auditing of delivery, expenditure, customer satisfaction and impacts will allow you to respond to issues and plan for the future.



We offer a cost effective, confidential advice service where your questions are answered and the best approach to a problem discussed.

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We match words with action and help you to implement the guidance we give either directly or by referral to an expert or professional

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Consultants at Work

The LEXXER we believe in consultancy with integrity, which will help you realize your vision, your potential and real lasting success, whilst developing your reputation and long term sustainability.

We provide services which will provide:

  • MOMENTUM – all you need to get started with a firm foundation and clear vision for the future
  • MANAGEMENT –  steering the organisation or project along a clear strategic path to success 
  • MAXIMISATION – through knowledge we will give you the advantage 
  • MARKETING – promotion of your name, message and ideas to develop and grow
  • MONITORING – to assess and audit your success and develop sustanability
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Challenges Our Consultants Took On

We like a challenge and we aim to help you solve the problems your organisation faces.