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Extending Your Reach

We help you reach the people you need to influence in order to ensure they act. Our approach is very simple yet effective. We identify your audience first, which in our experience is either a vertical, horizontal or internal exercise. In each case the message, method and management must be different to ensure that the chosen audience is actually reached.

One of our teams will then work closely with you to tailor a plan which will allow your voice to be heard, in order that your desired goal is attained. Our LEX REX Team will look at vertical communications as you reach politicians, policy makers and those whose decisions effect the way you do business. If it is horizontal audiences like clients, customers, even competitors the bespoke skills of LEXiCOMM will ensure that your message will make a real difference. Finally many firms and organisations forget that often the most important audience is internal, your own team, board, committee or staff who are often ignored. Internal communications are the key to successful businesses and organisations with the building of moral, confidence and enthusiasm all important assets for success. Our LEXERCISE Teams will help to make your organisation or business fit for purpose with training and development.

At LEXXER we pride ourselves in being able to reach where others can’t. Our Knowledge Brokerage approach means that we can draw on the knowledge and experience of experts internationally as well as locally who can provide advice and interventions. We provide a range of services which will provide bespoke solutions for you. At LEXXER we CONSULT- CREATE- COORDINATE specially for you. So speak to one of our team today.

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Reaching Out

Representation takes many shapes from adversarial arguing of your case, to mediation to resolve a dispute or ensure an outcome which advantageous to you. It can be in person or through an application or bid, whenever you need words, let us work.


Our Public Affairs services help you Reach Up to influence those in power, or with a role in policy development, while our lobbying and grant making skills help you to make your case to funders and government departments.


Many organisations forget that their most important audiences can be internal, from staff and volunteers who need to be motivated to local host communities and constituencies who need to be informed and included.


Finally our Public Relations services will help you utilise a range of traditional and digital media to communicate with the wider public, making them aware of your vision and work and moving them to act in your support.



From Westminster to the local Council Chamber our Public Affairs experts Will help you to lobby and influence tomorrow’s laws and policy today.

LEX REX - Our Public Affairs Work


Good Public Relations means communicating and shaping opinion by simply helping you to be seen and heard. Often this is telling your side of the story.

LEXICOMM - Our Public Relations Work


Don’t forget the most important audience, your own members, volunteers and supporters. Build communities of support with strong information and motivational messages.

LEXERCISE - Making organisations fit for purpose.

Let’s Talk about what we can do to help

We all communicate every moment of every day, even when we are not aware of it. We work with clients to make sure that they know what to say, when to say it and who to say it to.

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Have a Look at What we Say About Ourselves

We are often so busy helping others that we forget about our own communications, but here are a few examples of how we talk about ourselves.