The Reason for the Season

Advent Scripture Readings from the Independent Loyal Orange Institution

The Christmas Message

Orange Advent Calender

 Join us for a very special countdown to Christmas, as members and friends share some seasonal Scripture readings.

Let us all join together and in the more quiet different Christmas of 2020 reflect on the birth of our Saviour Jesus and what a difference that made to the world.

Grand Master Reflects on 2020Virtual Carol Service
Faith in Action

The Battle Against COVID

This year as we remembered the end of the Second World War, and gave thanks to Almighty God for his deliverance from the evils of fascism we were faced with our own generation’s ‘world war’. Just as our members had volunteered to fight and defend their loved ones so we saw our members and bands step up to the challenge of COVID. In the face of a pandemic we have worked harder than ever to serve our community.

From fundraising and providing much needed aid to the NHS and PPE to front-line staff to helping our older and vulnerable members we have show our faith in action


As an Institution we support charities each year, and this year much of our fundraising work was directed towards supporting the NHS.

Much needed PPE and other resources have kept them safe as they work tirelessly to protect us all from this virus.


The Institution is a fraternal body and the safety and welfare of our members and their families remains paramount. This year we have acted swiftly and decisively to protect and serve them as well as the wider community.


Many of our members, bandsmen, supporters and friends are front line key workers. We have planned events with them in mind and provided munched needed support and online activities for them and the entire community, as an alternative to physical events.

As a thanks to God for his protection and with the hope that there is a resolution in sight we hope our Scripture Advent calendar will bring encouragement and comfort to you all.











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